Whales: Creatures of Unfathomable Mystery and Size

humback whale under water

Apart from some of the more popular creatures that have captivated the imagination of children, very few people have truly taken an interest in animals. For many of us, the animals we are familiar with are only those that we eat, keep as pets and the ones for viewing in zoos. They never really got in our way, especially now in the modern age, and there is very little use in knowing them unless you are a zoologist.

It is a different story with whales, however. These majestic creatures of the sea have always struck in our hearts. They live serenely in the deepest parts of the oceans, but what has really left a mark has nothing to do with their actions but our own: hunting and story-telling. As tragic as the former and sweet as the latter may be, there is no denying that whales are thriving again.