Tourism in Margaret River: A World Waiting for Discovery


Tourism in the South West of WA offers much more than you think. Just south of Perth lies the Margaret River region, which is just a small town if you look on the map. However, when you delve into everything this region has to offer, you’ll discover everything from plants and animals that can’t be seen anywhere else on earth to stunning wineries that are perfect for relaxing after a day filled with whale watching and other adventures.

One Street Creates a Foodie’s Paradise

Margaret River RegionTourism in Margaret River starts with the river and a bridge that leads to the area’s main street. This street stretches the length of the region, and offers cafes and gourmet eateries that will have every food lover waiting to sample the next location. From the winery restaurants the area is known for to the cellar doors that hide gourmet locations and the breweries, there’s something for everyone to enjoy when looking for a great meal with friends and family. The following are just a few of the favorites in the area.

  • Voyager Estate – This winery offers gourmet foods paired with wines. Guests can experience the lovely surroundings, enjoy full meals paired with wines that complement the flavors or enjoy the fine wine tastings.
  • Morries – Anyone looking for an eclectic menu that includes local wines will love the experience at Morries. The restaurant offers tapas style options and mains, making it an ideal location to try just a few of the things that Margaret River has to offer.
  • Brookwood Café – This is a boutique winery that offers contemporary meals in a setting overlooking the vineyards. From fresh ingredients to wine tastings and interesting food combinations, you’ll love the entire experience.

Tourism in Margaret River Offers Plenty of Adventure

Those looking for adventure will find that plenty to do in Margaret River. This WA hot spot offers caves, beaches, marine life and more. Known for the biodiversity hotspots, the numerous paths, bike trails and caves found throughout the region have made this a must-see location for anyone who wants to experience nature tourism in Margaret River.

Visit the Boranup Karri Forest and other State and National forests to walk the trails, or head to the Mammoth or Lake Caves to discover the sites of crystal formations and stunning limestone. Of course, those looking for a bit of the waves to make their visit in the WA area complete will want to hit the beach in this surfing mecca. Those who just want the views will appreciate Surfer’s Point, which is an ideal spot for watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean.

Tourism in Margaret River offers culinary delights, breathtaking natural wonders and world-renowned wineries. Whether you’re looking for a way to spend the day in the south west of WA, or you’re just whiling away the afternoon after whale watching and other experiences, there’s always something for the entire family to see and do in the Margaret River region.



Whales: Creatures of Unfathomable Mystery and Size

humback whale under water

Apart from some of the more popular creatures that have captivated the imagination of children, very few people have truly taken an interest in animals. For many of us, the animals we are familiar with are only those that we eat, keep as pets and the ones for viewing in zoos. They never really got in our way, especially now in the modern age, and there is very little use in knowing them unless you are a zoologist.

It is a different story with whales, however. These majestic creatures of the sea have always struck in our hearts. They live serenely in the deepest parts of the oceans, but what has really left a mark has nothing to do with their actions but our own: hunting and story-telling. As tragic as the former and sweet as the latter may be, there is no denying that whales are thriving again.

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