Whale Watching Perth

Whale watching is popular south of Perth waters because it is an important rest area for southward migrating humpback whales between September to late November, when they can be seen in the area with great regularity. Southern Right whales are also seen in increasing numbers south of Perth as their populations slowly recover from commercial whaling. There are many whale watching cruises available as well as plenty of land based lookouts with excellent vantage points in Perth and the South West region WA.

Humpback and Southern Right whales starts to migrate in May every year from the food-rich southern ocean to breeding grounds in the warm northern waters. The whales then return south in November to the colder seas to grow and mature. The whales follow the continental shelf, embracing the coast as they travel through the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. They playfully show off their water-skills and celebrating life just off shore.


  • Whales in the south of Perth area play a vital role in stabilizing the aquatic food chain and reproduction of other species. Commercial Whaling, food distribution in the ocean becomes destabilized and causes changes in the food supply of many other kinds of marine life.
  • Scientific studies of the whales in Perth (WA) has led to a lot of discoveries and advancements regarding echolocation, aquatic environments, marine life/biology and marine mammal intelligence and other important oceanic topics.
  • Whale poop stabilize the offset of carbon in the atmosphere providing a healthier environment for both land and aquatic lifeforms.
  • Whale watching in Perth and South Western have brought in millions of dollars helping stimulate economic growth in Western Australia.
whale watching cruises Perth

You would not get closer than this for watching a whale in Perth

whale watching Perth

Whale watching lovers taking a closer look at a Whales in Perth

Whale Watching Perth

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