Whale Watching Tours

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Join ALL SEA CHARTERS for the Ultimate Western Australian  whale watching experience for just $75 you can witness these Giants in their natural environment. Migrating Humpback and Southern right whales  leave the cold, food rich Antarctic waters and begin arriving in Augusta around June . The Southern rights have there calf’s close to shore .while the Humpbacks are  continuing their journey north to their breeding grounds in warmer water. Once on there way back home we are lucky enough to see these massive whales in BUSSELTON with there new baby’s resting in the bay

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Augusta and Busselton are perfectly placed to view these spectacular wild animals as they make their way past, often stopping off for a rest and play. The best way to see them up close is to book a whale watching Tour

AUGUSTA TOURS RUN FROM JUNE TLL LATE AUGUST                                   Tours depart from Davies  rd.  twice daily 10.15 and 1.15

BUSSELTON TOURS SEPTEMBER TILL DECEMBER                                              Tours depart Port Geographe Marina twice daily at 9.45 and 1.15                                 we will also do twilight tours if required                                                                          TO BOOK THE BOAT FOR YOUR GROUP AT AN AMAZING PRICE 0417794008   

Some fantastic shots taken by David Ashley on board our charter off Busselton                                                                                                                                                                                               From the facebook page :                                                                                          Wanted to thank Paul for the most enjoyable boat trip ever. My husband I loved it so much we got off the first tour and joined the afternoon tour. Paul you would have to be one of the friendliest people we have ever had the pleasure to meet. Many thanks again for an amazing day out.

Thanks for a great day All sea! Personable crew, no pushing, small boat but plenty of room to move and see whales in all directions…. And up close and personal with the whales too! Amazing trip!!